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"This airy all-day café, restaurant, and bar may be hidden behind the sloping glass walls of the latest Cira Centre skyscraper, but it's one of Philly's most sophisticated newcomers" (...)

"It wasn’t the first time the Walnut Street Cafe has changed my worldview for the better, and I doubt it will be the last." (...)

"The team behind the dearly departed Rebelle in New York has branched out to the City of Brotherly Love with their sunny, charming, all-day eatery Walnut Street Café." (...)

" accessible menu, appropriate for everyone from business people to college students." (...)

"You can come in for a couple of oysters from the raw bar, maybe the clam pizza, a pasta as a mid-course before a meat, a couple of vegetable sides. Or just have a beer and a hamburger." (...)

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