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Meet our employee of the month!

Meet Alice: this October’s pick for our Employee of the Month. Born in Rumsun, New Jersey, Alice Yorke has been in Philly since 2012, when she came to be one of the first graduating class of the Pig Iron Theater graduate program. Aside from being an excellent server, co-worker, and friend to all at Walnut Street, Alice is the artistic director at Lighting Rod Special, a theater company in Philadelphia, and she performs regularly. She notes her favorite performance of the year as a show called “The Gap” which was put on at the Azuka theater. The show has since been nominated for several Barrymore awards! And, keep an eye out for her upcoming show, “The Appointment”, a satirical original musical about current political events. 

Yep, it’s true, Alice was born to perform! She notes her very first performance at the age of one, wherein she played the role of Baby Jesus in her church’s nativity play! What a way to start. 

Alice says her favorite thing about working at Walnut Street are her co-workers and the sunsets she gets to see during the dinner shift. Oh, and… the pastries… But that’s all of us!

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